Healive enhances the value of Healing, Health, Life, Living

business area


We work with Hankook Cosmetics’ beauty brands, which have provided beauty to customers for more than half a century.

Life Style

From morning until bedtime, you improve yourself through various activities. We find and suggest brands needed for these activities.

Living & Health

For a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle, you constantly try and look for new things. On this journey, Healive will propose and create great Living & Health brands.

We offer valuable lifestyle brands that you need. You’ve always been working restlessly. We have infinite respect for the value of your journey. Healive’s partner brands will join you to create better joy and value in your daily lives.

Sales Area

Please introduce us to your brand from all over the world. Healive has sales channels in both offline and online markets. We can promote and market your brand in the Korean market. From beauty businesses to lifestyle businesses, join Healive’s journey.

● Offline Retail

● Online